I studied with William for just over 2 years.  I was gifted several lessons with William for Christmas and really only wanted to learn a very few basics that would enable me to play some basic rhythm on an old guitar I had.  That changed quickly as I started my lessons with William as he opened up an entirely new musical world to me, showing me how to hear music differently than I ever had in the past. 

Prior to meeting and working with William I had tried teaching myself and ended up learning bad habits, form and posture and William helped me unlearn these traits which enabled me to actually learn and have fun playing guitar. I’ve never met a more patient person than William and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning how to not only play guitar but understand music.  I still practice every day and his tips and instructions still guide me in my explorations. I can’t thank him enough for everything he gave me . . . it truly opened up an entirely new world and approach to music for me.

Phillip Logue-Bovee

I chose to take up the guitar later in life (after retirement).  I did not read music nor did I feel that I had any rhythm.  William was extremely patient with me and brought me to levels that far exceeded my expectations.  William has a rare ability to be able to put a person at ease and reduce their tension level.  Sometimes it was through talking and sometimes through playing.  He was able to read my apprehension level very well and seemed to always choose the correct method.  I moved away from the area and thus far have not found a guitar teacher with the same abilities.  Regardless of age or ability, I would recommend William to anyone.  Were it not so expensive I would gladly fly back to Phoenix once a week to continue my lessons with William.

Ron Mitchell