As a self taught guitar player of more than 20 years, I found myself “playing inside the box”.  William was able to give me techniques and advice to drastically improve my playing.  From beginners to more advanced players, William is phenomenal. I worked at a large music store in Tempe for 12 years and for the last several years William has been the only instructor I’ve sent my clients to.  I don’t vouch for many people but I am more than confident vouching for William.

Paul Bittner

I took lessons from William for approximately three years.  William is a wonderful teacher with whom I still stay in touch. He was willing to share with me as much theory as I could handle, in addition to a diverse exposure to blues, jazz, rock, and from time to time, stretched my playing aspirations by having me dabble in some classical (finger style techniques). He also exposed me to various musical genres through listening sessions to keep me motivated and presented to me endless aural possibilities with which to aspire. I believe I could take a life time of lessons from William and never get bored. He is also a subject matter expert in all types of gear: guitars, strings, and equipment.  I miss my lessons and hope he will be accepting students, when I am able to resume my learning adventure.

Rudy Cane