As a self taught guitar player of more than 20 years, I found myself “playing inside the box”.  William was able to give me techniques and advice to drastically improve my playing.  From beginners to more advanced players, William is phenomenal. I worked at a large music store in Tempe for 12 years and for the last several years William has been the only instructor I’ve sent my clients to.  I don’t vouch for many people but I am more than confident vouching for William.

Paul Bittner

My son has taken guitar lessons from William for 8 years and I cannot recommend him any higher.  I am proud to say that not only is my son a remarkable guitar player due to Williams teaching, he is a better young man.  William has been such a positive influence and has become a dear family friend.  He teaches guitar and respect and opened our family up to the wonderful world of music in the Phoenix area.  Spend your money wisely and hire William

David Catanese