Prior to meeting William, I took guitar lessons from another guitar teacher.  My parents were noticing that after a few months of lessons, I was not improving much.  This is when I met William.  From the get go, William requested that I bring a notebook, folders and my own pick which was vastly different from my last teacher who did not go by the book and never asked me to bring my own equipment.

Every lesson I had with William was structured, planned and never did I have a lesson where William was not prepared.  In fact, the few unproductive lessons we did have were my fault, not William’s due to me not practicing enough or forgetting my equipment.

The lessons William teaches are incredibly engaging as he does not go strictly by the book and is willing to cater the curriculum towards what a student is interested in. Although I am no longer taking classes with William due to moving away for schooling, it is because of William’s great teaching and remarkable persona that to this day I can still recall the lessons I’ve learned.

Curriculum aside, William is a fantastic person who is not only funny and engaging, but has both the skill and love for teaching music.  On a final note, one of the best aspects of taking lessons with William is that he genuinely cares about his students.  There were many times were we reserved some time at the end of a lesson to talk about life or struggles that were hindering me in both music and in life.  As a former student and friend of William, I cannot recommend a better music teacher than him, although I will say that if you like to slack and are not truly invested in music, than William might not be for you.

Julian De La Hoz

William had been my teacher for about two years before I relocated to another city and he’s the best instructor I’ve ever had. William had a great level of patience.  He’s methodical with his lesson plans, and he’s very analytical. His lessons are challenging and there is never a dull moment. Most importantly, he’s passionate about music and he’ll inspire you to love music as much as he does. I highly recommend William!

Fred Vo