For 15 years, I’d failed to stick with guitar through various teachers and self-teaching attempts. When I moved to Phoenix I started taking lessons with William. I’ve now been taking lessons with him for over 2 years.

William has guided me through all of my shifting interests. Starting with rock/blues guitar, then a foray into classical guitar and now into jazz.  He has masterfully kept an emphasis on the fundamental techniques and theory needed to support teaching me the things I’m interested in.

William never fails to judge my mood and attention span on any given day and adjust his approach accordingly.  If I’m mentally exhausted, we might learn a simple but fun song. Other days he will push me to learn things I previously thought beyond my skill level.

This April, I moved cross-country and William transitioned seamlessly into giving me online lessons.

On top of that, William is a great person and I now consider him a friend as well as a teacher.

Grant Austin