I started taking lessons from William when I was 15, and continued with him for about 3 years until I moved away.  The first time I talked with him on the phone, he asked me several questions about what I wanted to play, what I liked to listen to, my goals as far as the instrument and then used this information to put together a personalized lesson plan that taught me not only what I wanted to learn, but what I needed to learn to become a real guitar player.  I consider William a personal friend and a mentor.  Whenever I go to visit him, I find that he is still teaching me, years later. If I have any regrets from my time under William’s instruction, it’s that I never truly appreciated the quality and consistency of my lessons until I moved away. If you are looking for the best guitar instructor from beginner to expert, you’ve found him and you won’t be disappointed.

A side story, 
2 years after I stopped taking lessons from William, I stopped into a guitar store in Tempe and over heard a dad asking two of the employees about lessons for his son. They directed the man to a bulletin board covered In cards from local teachers and said ” grab one that says William Geiswite”.

Mason Roberts