My son has been progressing very well. He is happy with his teacher and looks forward to the class every week.

Sushma T

William is an awesome teacher. We took our son to take lessons with him and it was a huge upgrade from the places we were going before.  The price, amount of time and quality of the lessons our son got from William was phenomenal.  William is well organized, easy to get along with and gave honest feedback that was needed when things were not being done as expected. I would highly recommend his services and I look forward to working with him again when our daughter decides to take lessons.

Andrew Tayler

As a self taught guitar player of more than 20 years, I found myself “playing inside the box”.  William was able to give me techniques and advice to drastically improve my playing.  From beginners to more advanced players, William is phenomenal. I worked at a large music store in Tempe for 12 years and for the last several years William has been the only instructor I’ve sent my clients to.  I don’t vouch for many people but I am more than confident vouching for William.

Paul Bittner

I’ve been a self taught student via the internet for about a year and a half.  I recently moved to Phoenix and decided to take a stab at taking lessons.  I’ve been taking lessons with William for one month and I can honestly say,  I’ve learned more in my first lesson then I’ve learned in the year and half I’d been playing on my own. I was blown away with his patience, knowledge, and passion for teaching guitar.

William is definitely worth more than what he charges.  His lessons have super-exceeded my expectations!  I highly recommend taking lessons with him.  There’s so much information he teaches regarding reading music, the best way to hold the guitar, proper technique, learning scales, the best way to hold a pick and proper equipment selection based on your style.

I can go on and on, but the bottom line is, choosing William as a teacher will be a sound investment in your guitar playing and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Nicole Bridget

I am 48 years old and started taking lessons from William a few months ago.  William is very patient and thorough.  I have learned more in these few months than I have in all the years I have been trying to teach myself.  I would highly recommend William if you are looking for a guitar instructor, regardless of  your background or specific music style interest.

Mike Zwahlen

William is not only a guitar teacher, but a great life mentor and friend! I took classical guitar lessons with him while in high school. He is dedicated, patient, attentive to detail, and kind to his students. He knows how to read students and structure instruction on an individual basis and day to day. He is such an inspiration and a fantastic teacher! I highly recommend taking lessons with William. He is phenomenal!

Ansley Roberts

I studied with William for just over 2 years.  I was gifted several lessons with William for Christmas and really only wanted to learn a very few basics that would enable me to play some basic rhythm on an old guitar I had.  That changed quickly as I started my lessons with William as he opened up an entirely new musical world to me, showing me how to hear music differently than I ever had in the past. 

Prior to meeting and working with William I had tried teaching myself and ended up learning bad habits, form and posture and William helped me unlearn these traits which enabled me to actually learn and have fun playing guitar. I’ve never met a more patient person than William and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning how to not only play guitar but understand music.  I still practice every day and his tips and instructions still guide me in my explorations. I can’t thank him enough for everything he gave me . . . it truly opened up an entirely new world and approach to music for me.

Phillip Logue-Bovee

My son has taken guitar lessons from William for 8 years and I cannot recommend him any higher.  I am proud to say that not only is my son a remarkable guitar player due to Williams teaching, he is a better young man.  William has been such a positive influence and has become a dear family friend.  He teaches guitar and respect and opened our family up to the wonderful world of music in the Phoenix area.  Spend your money wisely and hire William

David Catanese

I took lessons from William for approximately three years.  William is a wonderful teacher with whom I still stay in touch. He was willing to share with me as much theory as I could handle, in addition to a diverse exposure to blues, jazz, rock, and from time to time, stretched my playing aspirations by having me dabble in some classical (finger style techniques). He also exposed me to various musical genres through listening sessions to keep me motivated and presented to me endless aural possibilities with which to aspire. I believe I could take a life time of lessons from William and never get bored. He is also a subject matter expert in all types of gear: guitars, strings, and equipment.  I miss my lessons and hope he will be accepting students, when I am able to resume my learning adventure.

Rudy Cane

I’m an older self taught player that finally decided to take online lessons with William.  I have been working with William for a little over a month now.  He began with cleaning up my playing position.  This was really big for me as I have had issues that prevented me from playing as long as I would like due to back and hand pain. 

William spent the time to figure out where I was and wanted to go.   I’m very pleased with the progress I’m making and am confident that taking lessons with William was a great choice. He has also been very giving of his time to help pick out instruments and gear to move my instruction along.  

I see a lot of instructors here that are players trying to augment their gigging money by giving lessons. William’s education and background really show in his lesson presentation and effectiveness.

Kevin Campbell