I chose to take up the guitar later in life (after retirement).  I did not read music nor did I feel that I had any rhythm.  William was extremely patient with me and brought me to levels that far exceeded my expectations.  William has a rare ability to be able to put a person at ease and reduce their tension level.  Sometimes it was through talking and sometimes through playing.  He was able to read my apprehension level very well and seemed to always choose the correct method.  I moved away from the area and thus far have not found a guitar teacher with the same abilities.  Regardless of age or ability, I would recommend William to anyone.  Were it not so expensive I would gladly fly back to Phoenix once a week to continue my lessons with William.

Ron Mitchell

Do you think you can’t learn guitar?  Think again…I am 50 years old and almost gave up after several attempts, I am not a talented person…Then, 4 years ago I met William, who patiently achieved the impossible…I am intermediate classical guitar player now…

David Garcia

William is a great guy, loaded with patience. I would recommend him to anyone who asks. You won’t be disappointed.

Charlie Cox

William had been my teacher for about two years before I relocated to another city and he’s the best instructor I’ve ever had. William had a great level of patience.  He’s methodical with his lesson plans, and he’s very analytical. His lessons are challenging and there is never a dull moment. Most importantly, he’s passionate about music and he’ll inspire you to love music as much as he does. I highly recommend William!

Fred Vo

There are guitar teachers and then there’s William! Being a classical guitar player himself, he is meticulous and precise when it comes to his instruction. He is exceptional in teaching students how to play guitar efficiently. He formulates his lessons to be student specific, and keeps records of the student’s progress. With William, you will learn how to crawl before you learn how to run, and you will learn it the right way, and will be a better musician because of his instruction and dedication to his students, which is the backbone to his dedication to music.

Scott DeMasters